Dance With and For Neuro-Diverse Young Audiences

Barrowland Ballet / Natasha Gilmore

Barrowland Ballet’s artistic director, Natasha Gilmore, will present insight into the development and creative process of her emerging body of dance-theatre work created with and for neuro-diverse young audiences. Gilmore will question how we might give profoundly autistic young people agency from process to performance; what creative challenges and opportunities does this create; and what is the impact of this approach on the relevance and resonance of the work created?

This presentation will center on the creation and delivery of performance work ‘Playful Tiger’, created with and for children and young people who are profoundly autistic and mainly non-verbal. Premiering in Scotland in 2018, it quickly gained international recognition and was subsequently presented at Imaginate’s Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Baboro, and Assitej Artistic gathering in 2019.

Natasha will also screen and reflect on her dance film work, ‘Strings’, which explores and platforms the improvised dance and movement of a group of children and young people who are profoundly autistic, performing with and alongside professional dancers. ‘Strings’ brings together young people with complex needs, such as autism, with dance artists from Barrowland Ballet, discovering the rich possibilities for connection through dance, celebrating the creative playfulness they discover together and children’s ability to take the lead. To care for someone is to feel concern or interest, to attach importance to them, it takes time, focus and commitment. ‘Strings’ shows how we can care for people and the joy that can come from it.

For in-person participants, see you at: Tobakken, Gasværksgade 2, 6700 Esbjerg, in ‘Foredragsalen’ 1st Floor.

Scenekunst for og med neurodiverse publikummer
Foredragssalen, Tobakken, Gasværksgade 2
Natasha Gilmore (Scotland), kunstnerisk leder af Barrowland Ballet, vil dele sine erfaringer fra skabelsen af danseforestillingerne ”Playful Tiger” og ”Strings”, der er skabt for og med børn med autisme.

  • Glasgow, Scotland,
  • Programme Type: Lecture
  • Duration (minutes): 120
  • Ages: 16+
  • Release Date: March 29, 2022

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