Foyer, Discussion & Reflection: Exploring the Working Field of Inclusion


  • Duration (Minutes): 30
  • Ages: All Ages
  • When: April 2, 2022 11:00 GMT ( Local Time)
  • AVAILABILITY: Livestreamed session with recording available afterwards

Welcome to the foyer! Grab a coffee, some snacks, or even a glass of wine.

In this virtual reality space, you can join in for an unofficial chat with your fellow conference participants. The space is yours to use for whatever you find important. We provide several times during the conference, options for people to network and mingle, to chat about silly things, serious things, and everything in between. You are also welcome if you have questions, or need practical guidance, or just want to explore your artistic curiosity. Every foyer will be hosted by either a board member of IIAN, or one of IIAN’s Champions, just to maintain the space and make you feel welcome.

For in-person participants, see you at: Tobakken, Gasværksgade 2, 6700 Esbjerg, in ‘Foredragsalen’ 1st Floor.