A Debate on the Importance of Representation for TYA and Children

Glad Theater & IIAN

As an extension of the Glad Theatre’s production Stormen ‘The Rumble’, Catch the Wave is hosting a panel discussion with professional artists who work in different fields within inclusive theatre. The discussion is centered on the importance of thinking in terms of representation in child and youth theatre, for the sake of inclusivity and diversity. What does that mean? Why does it matter? And how do we make sure to accomplish it?

This debate is for everybody who wants to know and understand more of the field, and how and why to bring it to your school, theatre, or festival. The debate is followed up by a unofficial ‘hangout’ for those curious to know more, who will have a chance to chat with the panelists.

For in-person participants, see you at: Danmarksgades Skole Urban, ‘drenge gym’

Debat om repræsentation, inklusion & diversitet
Danmarksgades Skole Urban, ‘drenge gym’
I forlængelse af forestillingen ‘Stormen’ kan du komme til paneldebat med Glad Teater. Diskussion vil tage udgangspunkt i temaerne repræsentation, inklusion og diversitet – hvad indebærer det, og hvorfor er det vigtigt? Kom og lyt med.
Mødesprog: engelsk.

  • International, International,
  • Programme Type: Roundtable
  • Duration (minutes): 30
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Release Date: April 1, 2022

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