Reshape, Rewrite, Remix

This is the home to reconstructed genres and broken-down boundaries. Collaboration is the key – viewers collaborate with artists through the experience of interactive artworks, and artists of different genres have come together to create works that experiment with new forms in a move to rewrite, remix, and reshape narratives, genres and histories. You get to choose, change and experiment with the story line, the music, the themes, in META | morph – a fusion of dance, music, projection art and animation. Who do we come to H(a)unt calls for you to participate, disrupt and re-customise histories embedded within monuments. Virtual Black Out: Experiments in the Future of Form will show what can come from collaboration, in a digital artist-meets-theatre makers experiment. After two+ years of testing, rehearsals, unhinged excessive bouts of technological tweaking and fuelled by a latent techno-optimism comes Deep Spacer’s album launch 433 Eros. Explore, experience and interact with these- genre bending digital creatives.