Politics of Data & Surveillance

Data and Surveillance have many political implications – who is watched, how are they watched, whose data is collected, what data is collected, is it given willingly or taken subversively? How is this data interpreted, and is it objective? Can it ever be objective? This collection of work looks to artists who question how build and understand our data driven world. Watch chatbots adapt as they learn about philosophy and politics in Futurabilities, an experiment in online data communications. Feature documentary In Limbo questions the world of memory that is being built through the everyday digitisation of lives and our environments, asking, in this data-centered world, ‘Are we building the biggest cemetery of your History, or are we building a new kind of cathedral?’. Performance meets 360 film in interactive, multiuser social-experience Mechanical Souls –something has gone wrong with an android, and it’s your responsibility to figure it out. Will you be the winner of ClickClickClick? How will you be measured, recorded and valued? Take your chances in the surveillance meets browser-game.